Gaara’s V1 New Kit Jutsu Review: Naruto x Boruto Ninja Voltage (NXB-NV) New August Update

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Letrasto Stories – In the arid lands of the Hidden Sand Village, a troubled child named Gaara was born with a destiny he couldn’t escape. The tailed beast, Shukaku, was sealed within him, leading to a life of loneliness and pain. Raised without love, Gaara’s heart became as desolate as the desert that surrounded him.

As he grew older, Gaara’s power over sand manipulation manifested, making him a force to be reckoned with. However, his strength was a double-edged sword; his sand shielded him from the world but also kept him isolated. Gaara’s uncontrollable rage and bloodlust earned him the moniker “Gaara of the Sand Waterfall.”

During the Chunin Exams, Gaara’s path crossed with Naruto Uzumaki, a fellow jinchuriki who had faced his own demons. Naruto’s determination to forge bonds inspired Gaara to question his existence. A climactic battle between the two revealed the depth of Gaara’s pain and his yearning for connection.

Naruto’s influence ignited a transformation within Gaara. Realizing that he wasn’t alone in his struggle, Gaara slowly opened his heart to the villagers who once feared him. With his father’s guidance and his newfound allies, Gaara ascended to the role of Kazekage, the leader of the Hidden Sand Village.

Gaara’s leadership was marked by his unwavering dedication to change. He worked tirelessly to foster unity among his people and forged alliances with other shinobi villages. The villagers saw in him a symbol of redemption and growth, as he embraced his responsibilities and worked to protect them.

As the Fourth Great Ninja War loomed, Gaara joined the Allied Shinobi Forces. His mastery over sand and strategic brilliance proved invaluable in the battle against the forces of darkness. He faced off against resurrected foes and combated the terrors of the battlefield with unwavering resolve.

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Throughout his journey, Gaara found camaraderie and friendship in unexpected places. He shared a unique bond with Naruto, recognizing their similar struggles. Gaara’s evolution from a heartless killer to a compassionate leader demonstrated the power of second chances and the ability to rise above one’s past.

In the end, Gaara’s legacy was one of hope and transformation. His journey from a tormented child to a respected Kazekage inspired those around him to believe in the potential for change. The once-isolated desert child had become a sand-hearted hero, proving that even in the harshest of landscapes, the seeds of compassion could flourish and reshape destinies.

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Gaara’s V1 New Kit Jutsu

1. Ninjutsu “Flowing Sand Spear Wave”


Deals damage to an area in front of the user, inflicting enemies with slowed movement and damage over time, decreasing their attack and defense, decreasing their Lunge, Manipulate, and Impact resistances, and reducing how long the enemy can remain invincible by 3 seconds!

Increases the nature resistances of allies on the same floor and recovers their HP for a set period of time!

Also gives the user’s attacks an additional seal effect for a set period of time, increases the user’s defense, recovers their CP for a set period of time, makes them invincible and immune to status effects for a set period of time, and sets off traps!

2. EX Ultimate Jutsu “EX Sky Sand Defensive Wall”

Activates Sky Sand Defensive Wall, increasing the attack, defense, critical hit rate, and movement speed of allies on the same floor, reducing their received CP damage, and recovering their CP!

At Jutsu LVL 15, the duration of the invincibility effect is increased, allowing you to have an even greater impact on the battle!

Protect your allies with this support-oriented EX Ultimate Jutsu that embodies Gaara’s absolute defense!

Source: Youtube Channel E.N.D nxb 

Gaara V1 Gameplay Video!

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